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Everywhere you turn fat seems to be a major health topic. In fact it is obvious that you are looking to get rid of fat too, thus you are here today. Everyone talks about how to lose fat, how bad fat is for your heart and how it causes heart disease, etc. Grocery shelves are lined with non-fat and low-fat products galore, and we are told it is better if we avoid fat at all costs. The problem is this is not the whole story.

Fat plays some very important roles in the body and is actually extremely important and necessary for optimal health. If you do not understand this you will make the huge mistake of seeing fat as an enemy and can wind up using Phen375 GNC in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons, hampering your weight loss goals instead.

We all know that excess body fat causes problems. What is not commonly talked about is how necessary fat is to keep the body functioning! So, we want to make sure that you don’t start to take your body fat levels too low thinking you are getting healthier, when in actuality you are hurting yourself.

Don’t let fat become the most hated body tissue in the world! It is actually a good friend. Let’s look at how this works.

Reproductive Function

Typically, women have higher overall body fat levels than men. This is a good thing for women NEED a higher level of overall body fat due to the fact that women bear children.

Multiple studies have shown that women who take their body fat levels too low end up stopping their menstrual cycles. This happens to high power women athletes and body builders quite often. This is obviously an issue when it comes to bearing children!

When women are ready to have children it is important that they maintain healthy body fat levels, for the stored fat helps to maintain and create better hormonal concentrations, which support the development of the baby in utero.

Regulating Appetite

Fat also helps to regulate appetite. The body is a fascinating biological machine that works extremely well and seeks balance in everything. If we get out of balance in any way it will tell us. If you do not consume the minimum calories needed for your activity level, your body will warn you that you are heading towards an unsafe level, and will tell you to eat.

Interestingly enough, it is fat that houses the production of this hormonal defense mechanism! The hormone that lets the body know that it is heading towards a malnourished or unhealthy level of body fat is produced within the fat cells. This same mechanism not only tells you when you are hungry, but when you are not hungry too.

Without body fat tissue, all kinds of problems can occur if this mechanism is not working properly. You can both over eat and under eat, never knowing you are harming yourself.

Since a HUGE focus is placed on low fat diets and non-fat foods these days, dieting has become very difficult for most. The leaner one gets on any of these so called “wonder diets”, the more hungry they are going to feel. There is not enough fat to produce the necessary hormones within the fat cells to say you received enough nutrition for the day.

This is why so many diets end up causing people to binge eat. It is just not all about the fat as so many claim.

Insulin Provider

Body fat also provides and helps maintain insulin in the body. Insulin has many functions and can get complex when it comes to how it works with your blood glucose levels, but one thing it does is help to keep us warm in the colder months when we usually tend to pack on more weight instead.

When it gets colder, those who are on low-fat or non-fat diets are going to have some trouble. For starters, they are not producing enough of the hormones that properly control appetite, so they don’t know when to eat and when to stop eating. Thus they end up overeating in the winter to maintain a warmer body temperature. Their body temperature becomes their appetite barometer.

When you lose body fat you will always feel cooler, but if you maintain healthy levels, this cooling effect with be very healthy for you and you won’t let it control your eating because everything else is working properly too.

Fat as Protection

Another really important function of fat is that is helps to protect and provide a lipid cushion for your vital organs. It cushions each individual cell of every vital organ and provides the energy needed for these organs to perform their vital functions. This is especially important for brain function, obviously the most important organ of all! Without proper energy levels your cells could not communicate properly and perform what is needed.

There are many more positive functions of fat in the body, but to go over more of them we need to start getting technical and will have to deal with biological chemistry. Hopefully you got the point of this article. Do not fall for the “fat is evil” message that seems to saturate our world. It is just not true and has dire consequences, especially for those who are trying to lose weight!

Phen375 is meant to help you reach your optimal body fat levels. Just like anything else, it can be abused. The great thing about the Phen375 system, is that it comes with tailor made diet and exercise plans, which you can follow. This way you are getting the proper amount of nutrition needed, plus the proper amount of exercise, along with the fat burning power of the pill.

This is so very important when it comes to maintaining proper body fat levels. Contrary to popular belief, if you want to lose unhealthy fat you are going to have to consume fat. Sounds crazy but it is true. This simple fact, once understood, will transform your weight loss!

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